Friday, December 28, 2012

Don't Save Your Best for the Encore

I have been a Rock music fan since my high school days, logging more than 100 big shows and hundreds of small ones from divey bars to football stadiums and everything in between. This spans more then 3 decades and several genre's too. For the record I like the straight a head stuff (Foo Fighters, STP, etc) but am open to most types of rock and pop.
It's always fascinated me that groups save their best songs, or most popular ones to the end of the show, often times finishing with that classic encore. I get it, keep the fans standing and cheering to the very end.
But in business its a different game. Waiting to the end could be career suicide. Its show your best early and often...the end is for the extra's the icing on the cake or the big risk after you already cashed out...Many folks subscribe to the "live for today" or "moment' philosophy....
I saw one show many years ago with the Davies brothers (The "Kinks"), that was probably the best of all the shows over the decades...they didn't save the best for last (o.k. they played "you really got me" near the end but then they did some fun stuff playing others music including the Beatles and the Who during the encores...maybe saving others best for last is the real secret for success...

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