Monday, October 21, 2013

A Personal Health Day

Today I took a Personal Health Day. I have not truly done this in many years. Yes, I have taken time off for doctor and dentists visits, but I am usually still plugged in to email and voice mail. Today was different, everything was turned off (for the day).
I had a medical procedure too, and everything is fine. We forget to take care of ourselves because of the stresses of work and its unhealthy. Can someone wait for 24 hours for most answers...of course. And if you plan a little and anticipate the 2or3 really important conversations in advance you can cover yourself on that too.
I have to be honest, I feel a whole lot better without the added stress...wouldn't everyone???
I know this post doesn't seem to be a business me it is...
Take a personal health day every once in a will thank me for it and so will your loved ones!!!'s a "day"...I am checking emails tonight...

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