Monday, February 10, 2014

Soft or Hard

Wow, controversial title. What I really want to talk about is should HR be the Hugging department, Big data supervisors, or a little of both mashed up with a lot of filler?
I am speaking tomorrow at HR New York on the topic of HR enrichment programs, a topic I first hit on over a decade ago, but its still extremely relevant. I will argue that the key to strategic HR is by creating a condusive environment that allows folks to be engaged...Ok that's a mouthful...lets bring it down a notch.
It all started back in 2001 when I recognized folks at Leviton didn't really work in teams. they barely engaged in anything not required. So I did what I could and held a hobby week in the cafeteria. Folks found common ground, started to hang out and the rest is history. It started with a spark and ignited into something beyond my wildest dreams...We had a very strategic HR group within  3 yrs...
the argument of course is should HR be the soft department, planning and running picnics, holiday parties and a slew of programs throughout the year? What is strategic about that?
I debated this with Sue Meisinger, the former CEO of SHRM, a couple years back at a conference in Las Vegas. She thinks that creating engagement opportunities is the holy grail of Strategic HR.
My talk tomorrow will take the middle ground, sometimes you need to do things that lead to bigger and better...
Maybe Sue was right...its open for debate.

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