Tuesday, October 29, 2013

InfluenceHR revisited

I spoke at a great event yesterday called InfluenceHR. The event was about bringing HR technology folks together to learn how to better sell to and influence HR.
I spoke on a great panel at the end of the program. I am always pretty comfortable speaking at conferences (having done so more then two dozen times the past few yrs.). The conference is the brain child of George Larocque ( you can check him out at: http://www.larocqueinc.com/ ).
More important then speaking, I had a chance to reverse perspectives and see how the folks who have been cold calling me, bribing me with lunch, dinner and even show and sports tickets...think and act. I also got to see how serious they approach their roles and products...I know have a much deeper appreciation for HR software folks and the hard work that goes in to their mastering their profession.
I also had to get out of my comfort zone, being one of the very few practitioners.

Every one should get out of their comfort zone from time to time...its a great way to learn and stretch...I also made a few new friends!

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