Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The " DO OVER"

One of my favorite interview questions throughout my career is: "If you could do one thing over in life what would it be?"
So you know the typical answers generally run along the lines of a different college major, taking or turning down a job, moving to another city, etc.
Those all fit into the proverbial bell curve, as does the I would do nothing over.
Every once in a while I would get a really interesting response. One candidate once told me they would have told a parent they loved them one more time, not knowing they would never see them again. My question was always intended to be work related, however the best answers always were personal and showed an individuals humble side and even humility.
Sometimes the responses would move form the doing over to doing something for the first time...these were not answers, but yearnings to try something new, take a risk, or fulfill a dream.
They were always my favorite responses as it would show the human side of an individual.

So of course the question also needs to be directed inwardly. What would I do over with one wish from the magic genie's bottle?

I have never been able to answer that one question to date. Lots of possible options  but no clear cut choice...
What would you do over?

Wishing all a Happy, safe and healthy Thanksgiving!!!

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