Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tell Me Something I Didn't Know

I am finding there is very little stimulating new and different out there in the HR media community lately. It feels like fashion, every few yrs. things go in and out of style. Like holding on to your Izod shirts and Frye boots...eventually they will be back.

Same for HR thought leadership or lack there of. A couple years ago it was competencies and wellness, now its Resilience and fast feedback (you know - who needs formal performance reviews when you can just give nice raises to your best performers).
There are still some interesting folks out there, Tim Sackett, my friend Laurie ("the cynical girl"), fistful of talent and a few folks on TLNT. But honestly its feeling a little old these days...
If I hear about HR technology and Big data one more time,  I just might puke..

Need an HR pick me up? Check them out:


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