Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Confidence and Arrogance - Evil Twins in a Mirror

As the year comes to an end I have reflected on my actions in and outside of business. Many have told me I am a confident person. My concern is that when confidence is over used it becomes arrogance. So one might wonder if that's how some view  confidence (and mine).

I have worked with and for individuals who I clearly identify as arrogant  ( along with narcissistic and sadistic). The sad truth is when they look in the mirror I am sure most of them only see confidence too.
So is confidence and arrogance the same thing only dressed a little differently or viewed that way?

In 2014 I am going to look in the mirror a little closer. I would hate to shed my confidence, as it maybe one of the key attributes to my success in business, however I am certainly going to dress it differently to the outside world.

I would hate to be compared to any of those individuals that I loathe...

Wishing everyone a Happy and prosperous new year!

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