Sunday, January 19, 2014

Make the Most of Every Day

Today was one of those days where life hits hard, both good and bad. One of my friends lost his wife in a tragic and freak accident. My daughter also had her bid day for Sorority Rush at college.
Two very different tragic and one filled with hope.
Why the comparison?
Well most days we just go through the motions, deal with a few issues and go to sleep.

Today was different, it was a unique day.

 It started with the news that one of  the members of my tennis group for the past decade lost his wife. Words cannot express my sorrow or grief for my friend and his family. Our entire community is shaken by this tragedy. My wife and I cried upon the news. Life is truly fragile.

My daughter is away at college and had the culmination of sorority rush. To a college freshman this is probably the single most important event of their college experience (at least their freshman experience). Two weeks of intense meetings and trying to show strangers her personality and capabilities, followed by bids and placement. In the end she did well, ending up in a sorority she seems happy with. My wife and I have spent the past few days with numerous phone calls discussing the trials and tribulations of the process. Lets just say it was an emotional process that thankfully ended ok!
As I write my daughter is experiencing her first moments of being a member of a new sorority and with it the hopes and dreams of every college freshman going through a similar experience.

So today I am struck by the dichotomy of life, its fragility and the possibilities, sadness and joy, and of course uncertainty.

A real life reminder of making the most of every day.

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