Friday, January 31, 2014

New Year - New Direction

Human Capital 3.0 is evolving and going in a new direction. We are going through what all businesses go through from time to time, an inflection point. Our corporate training and coaching is taking over as our core offerings. We have always offered both as services, however we thought we would be spending most of our time in performance projects and competency modeling...
That's not the case, at least for the moment. It seems our expertise in conducting work place investigations, global management and creating better feedback in the work place is taking center stage. We are also doing a lot of coaching and mentoring, which we knew we would be spending time on. Just not as much as we actually are.
We're not complaining, on the contrary we are excited!
We also have developed some great partnerships including Improving Communications (training) and Brandemix  (branding and social media). Both are NYC based boutiques with super products and services.
Like all things, it takes time and we are starting to see the fruit of our labor.

We want to thank our Clients, friends, and partners for their continued support.

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