Sunday, January 5, 2014

Without Volunteers, Where Would the World Be?

I talked about volunteering in a previous post, which includes my desire to spend less time on this too in 2014. Let me clarify, spend less time, be more efficient, get better results.

Sometimes I feel like I do so many different volunteer activities that there is no critical mass to it. That’s probably not true. Any volunteering is better than not doing so. We live in a world where many folks would rather write a check and not have to give their time and effort. I think that’s terrible.  In my book, everyone should give a few hours a month to help others. Yes you can write a check (we need that too), but why not both. And what is the message we are sending to our kids?

When I was at Leviton my daughter had to pitch the CEO with a full presentation to get a sponsorship for relay for life.  It was a good experience for her and she learned the value of working towards something.

When I was traveling internationally a lot in 2009 and 2010 I would do editorial review volunteering for World at Work publications. I had time on 16 hour flights to Asia and back…there is always something you can do even if it’s not by being physically present.

In 2014 I want to focus on my volunteer efforts to have a greater impact in the things I do choose to spend time participating on. I am also sure when I get the call or email for things I am contemplating editing out  I will possibly say yes anyway…so I guess we will see…I have a tough time saying no unless I am already committed time wise to something else.

What are you doing to help others, inquiring minds would like to know!



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