Monday, January 6, 2014

Birthday Wishes

Wishes don't usually come true unless there is also a goal that you work towards achieving. Today is my birthday and I am not very big on birthday celebrations, especially since I feel like every birthday is taking me towards a finite finish line.
 Don't take this the wrong way, I am not being negative. In fact to the contrary I am usually a positive person that gets criticized for not being skeptical enough. Its just that your birthday is really just another day...except for some unknown reason we celebrate this day well beyond our childhood years.
I guess it gives us a day to gather family and or friends together. It also gives us one special day of hope and happiness.
This year's birthday is different from all the rest. My daughter is a way at college. The weather has been bad, and its a Monday too. My life is a little more complicated and challenged then in many a year. Monday night is also not a prime night to celebrate anything...unless your a Florida State or Auburn alumni watching the national championship college football game at a sports bar (hum - not a bad idea).
To add to this I am faced with getting a new business off the ground, which is a bigger challenge then I ever imagined. As I have been told by many of my friends and business colleagues, I am a skillprenuer that needs to learn to be an entrepreneur. Many assumptions I have made are incorrect, folks I thought I could count on have been no shows, and the market is not exactly what I thought it was. So I have had to react and flex to the situation at hand. Luckily this is where some of my skills and attributes have helped weather the storm. In the end I am really very good at HR, and that seems to be the one thing that has been a constant through this turbulent past few months.
I have also had a lot of time to reflect and rethink almost everything I have done to this very moment. This leaves with a whole new set of challenges and as I started out this post noting, goals to set and achieve...

So on this birthday I won't be making any wishes, just setting some goals...time to blow out the candles.

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